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Golden Getaway

One of the premier off season events is the 49er Foundations Golden Getaway in Carmel.

There were chalk talks with Offense, defense and special teams coaches, showing video footage of key plays across the season.

They got a big laugh from a montage of Deebo, playing running back, receiver, and QB.. with someone in the crowd wondering when he would be kicking field goals.

Perhaps the most interesting time was with the alumni who attended. We had a chance to sit with Keena Turner, and got into a spirited discussion on shoes - he was wearing naturalist running shoes, toes shoes with minimal arch support. Over the course of the weekend, we spoke with Takeo Spikes and Bubba Paris about their motivational speaking, and the books they had written. It was interesting to see how many alumni remained engaged with football, either with the 49ers, or doing commentary. The also did a panel where they spoke about life after football - how quickly fortune can change due to injury, and how they managed to reinvent themselves when their playing days were done.

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